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Our services and products might be complex and varied, but they all come with the same promise of quality, productivity, security, reliability, and durability; we never compromise these promises for time, we always deliver the best.

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Much of what we do comes from the desire to bring out the best in business practices and data management. Our without-the-box services and products are tailored to specifically bring that premium lustre and finish to your business. We bring world-class Information and Communications Technology practices to your organisation.

Below are some of our offerings:

Our Partners

Some Of Our Achievements & Products

Luqaqambo ERP

An ERP system being designed by our engineers to automate and integrate core business processes such as taking customer orders, scheduling operations, keeping inventory records and financial data, reports generation and asset management.


Resources involved in Development and Team Analysis

Akili Contentworx Business Process Mapping

We fine-tuned and defined what Akili Contentworx does, who is responsible, complete standard business processes, and how the success of a business process is determined

Attorney Case Management System

LeCAMIS provides attorneys with an effective way of managing client case information, including contacts, calendaring, documents, and other specifics by facilitating automation in law practices.

Sangenkosi Construction Project Management System

We created ProjMIS, pronounced "promise", to better organise information and manage projects execution, meet deadlines and client expectations, produce detailed report, billing based on project data collected on execution and much more.

Block Paving Training for KSD Municipality

As part of out training initiatives we provided construction training services to KDS Municipality.


  • Government Departments
    • Public Works
    • Health
    • Education
    • DEDEA
    • Treasury e.t.c
  • Implementing Agents
    • COEGA
    • IDT
    • Umvula Trust
    • ECDC e.t.c
  • Metro, District and Local Municipalities
  • Private entities or corporations

We are a dedicated team aiming to ensure proper compliance checks and end products meet and exceed our clients' expectations.   With professionalism, expert knowledge and experience  combined, Midas Consulting Services is the best partner of choice for the a various clientele base namely:

We collaborate with industries' most trusted strategic alliance partners to provide you with access to the latest technologies and reliable services. This allows us to provide seamless specialist solutions for your business.

Primary Offerings

ICT Products

  • Computers & Peripherals Equipment
  • Communication Equipment
  • Computer Electronics Equipment
  • Miscellaneous ICT Components & Goods
  • Business & Productivity Software
  • Licensing Services

ICT Services

  • Business Process Management Services
  • ICT Consulting Services
  • ICT Strategy Development
  • ICT Project Management
  • ICT Support Services
  • ICT Design & Development Services for Applications
  • Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Application Service Provisioning
  • Other Hosting & IT Infrastructure Provisioning Services
  • Network Management Services
  • Computer Systems Management Services

Other Services

  • Civil Construction Project Management
  • General Building Project Management
  • Civil Construction: Grade 1
  • General Building: Grade 1
  • CETA Construction Training
  • MICSETA ICT Training

Software Engineering, Design & Deployment

We Solve Your Software Needs

To us software starts with a few lines of code that build up to complex millions. In this vast complexity we bring out unparalleled solutions that span from custom-built web applications, data miners, to brilliant mobile applications.

Midas software engineers approach your organisation's requirements as a unique challenge, even when deploying our existing software solutions to your servers. We make sure we bring out a tailored solution that solves your uttermost pressing business needs, integrated and branded to your unique organisation.

Secure & Robust Builds

With military-grade security and authentication built right from the ground up, we make sure your business stays secure even in the most demanding environment.

Be it a realtime transaction-based OLTP/OLAP application, a remote or online business authentication, we make sure it is secure and well tested.

As a procedural approach, we make sure each software unit is fully tested and bullet-proof against modern security threats and breaches.

Gracefully Designed With Love

In addition to all the robustness and welldone engineering logic, we forget not the lustre, after all we are the Midas.

Our software designers make clean intuitive user interfaces and user experiences that keep users engaged and productive even with complex apps.

For example, data gathering and visualisation is approached using modern trends, in a seamless yet simple fashion, through intuitive yet powerful methods.

We make sure whatever we design is not a pain, but a breeze.

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Isaac Newton

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